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Healing Art

There are few places where art has such a capacity to impact people than in a health-care faciliity The very act of walking through hospital doors takes many people away from their comfort zone of predictability into a vulnerable state of uncertainty. Whether one is on the giving or receiving end of health care, the inherent risk around personal health can provoke loaded, challenging, and stressful thoughts. A positive impression makes a difference.

People process deeper and more significant thoughts when faced with medical interventions. By designing a welcoming environment filled with art that is both contemplative and inspirational, an "enlightened" health-care space can support and relieve emotional stressors.

As a person has the opportunity to experience and connect with art, a private internal exploration occcurs. Perhaps an unnamed fear or unvoiced question surfaces in the exchange. Perhaps a memory is awakened or a love remembered that brings healing to the moment. Art can shift one's health-care experience into a more positive sense of well-being. Art supports greater healing.

Many health-care facilities are including art as a part of the healing solution; my own artwork has found a meaningful home in the health-care setting. I support fusing art and the health-care environment; inspiring healing and connecting us to what is always whole.

  unsolicited reference
  dartmouth hitchcock medical center, lebanon, nh
radiation oncology wing
  Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  dartmouth hitchcock medical center, lebanon, nh
heater road rehabilitation center - reception area
  Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  fletcher allen health care, burlington, vt
cardiology department
  FAHC Cardiology Department
  fletcher allen health care, burlington, vt
continence clinic
  FAHC Continence Clinic
  fletcher allen health care, burlington, vt
development offices
  FAHC Development Offices
  fletcher allen health care, burlington, vt
doctors' lounge
  FAHC Doctors' Lounge
  fletcher allen health care, burlington, vt
radiation oncology wing
  FAHC Radiation Oncology
  fletcher allen health care, south burlington, vt
south burlington staff offices
  FAHC S Burlington Staff Offices
  balance chiropractic & acupuncture, shelburne, vermont
  Balance Physical Therapy
  evolution physical therapy, burlington, vermont
  Evolution Physical Therapy
  maitri health center, south burlington, vt
  Maitri Health Center. South Burlington
  vermont gynecology, south burlington, vt
  Vermont Gynecology South Burlington
  Gifts of Art Gallery
April 15 - June 10, 2013
University of Michigan Health System, Ann Arbor, MI
  University of Michigan Health System
  massachusetts general hospital, boston, ma
  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
  academic medicine, journal of the association of american medical colleges
  Academic Medicine, Journal of the Association of American Medical colleges
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